Engineering for Repair & Remediation


In the event that repairs or modifications are found to be necessary resulting from the Building Safety Inspection Report, the owner shall have a total of 180 days from the date of the Building Safety Inspection Report, unless otherwise specified by the Building Official in accordance with Florida Building Code Section 115 (Broward County Administrative Code), in which to correct the structural and electrical deficiencies that pose an immediate threat to life safety or where failure of a critical component is imminent. For deficiencies that cannot be corrected within 180 days, the time frame may be extended when a time frame is specified by the Professional Engineer of Registered Architect and approved by the Building Official. Such extension shall be contingent on maintaining an active building permit as specified in Florida Building Code Section (Broward County Administrative Code).

Repairs or modifications of deficient conditions that are incidental and non life threatening shall be completed within a time frame as specified by the inspecting Professional Engineer or Registered Architect and approved by the Building Official. All repairs or modifications shall be completed in conformance with all applicable Sections of the Florida Existing Building Code* and the National Electrical Code.


* The Florida Existing Building Code will specify whether the repairs or modification can  be made under the code in effect when the building was originally permitted or the code currently in effect.