Damage Evaluation

We at 40year.com provide a full range of damage evaluation services.  These services range from preliminary repair scope and cost estimates for aging / deteriorating buildings to immediate repair scope and costs for storm events, hurricanes, tornados or any other unforeseen events.

Having been involved in the remedial repair of South Florida following Hurricane Andrew in 1992, we are well aware of the magnitude of the forces of nature as it impacts residences and commercial buildings.  Our Engineers were involved with literally thousands of in-progress repair inspections, plan / permit packages, insurance estimates and other aspects of the construction repair process as it related to hurricane clean-up.  We personally worked with hundreds of Home and Business Owners to help them through the trying times of post-hurricane life.

We offer quick, accurate, and economic repair evaluations of properties which enables Home Owners, Business Owners and Condominium Associations to make informed decisions as to courses of action for repair time tables, reserve accounts, assessments, insurance claims, and other matter that involve actual repair / replacement costs.

Additionally, we can provide information as to the remaining useful life of a Building component in order for an Owner to plan the repair / replacement in advance of the actual failure of the Item.  This way, you can prepare for the upcoming need and save accordingly.